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You can download Noise Route Desktop in

Supported OS

OS NameTypeFeature supported
Windowsx64Send & Play audio
LinuxUbuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04Send & Play audio


Due to security reasons, MacOS does not expose API for audio capturing, so MacOS support may come later.

Before connecting

Before connecting to device, make sure the device sending audio and the device receiving audio are in the same local network(in the same wifi).

Start Noise Route

After Noise Route is succesfully installed on your system, you can start the program.

On ubuntu, you can start noise route by running noise-route from terminal, if you want to run it in background, you can run noise-route &

Add device

Since desktop versions has two modes, how to add device in each mode is different.

Add device in playing mode.

By clicking the "+" icon on top right, a pop up will show, which you can type in the ip address of audio sending pc, and you can learn how to find ip addres by reading next section

Add device in sending mode.

You can click the "+" icon on top right, and a add device helping screen will show up, which contains informations you may need for adding device to send audio to.

add device info

As you see above, the pop up contains:

Switching modes

By default, Noise Route Desktop is in send audio mode, as you can see at the top bar, but it can also receives audio if you want(then you need another desktop to send audio from), and you can do this by following these steps:

  1. click the gear icon on top right and into settings.

settings send audio

  1. switch toggle saying Send audio, you should see the text chaged to Play audio and the toggle button changed from yellow to blue.

settings play audio

And you are in play audio mode and start receiving audio.

Advance features

Channel selecting

If you have account logged in, by clicking Channel: you will see the channel selecting option once the device item expanded: channel select

And by selecting different option, you can set device to playing specific channel only, and you can see the icons updated on both end: channel select on sending

on playing device:

Premium features

Noise Route is under refactoring, premium features are not available yet

Premium feature require an account with active subscription or trial logged in.

Options for premium features are only configurable in send audio mode.

TLS encrypted communication

After you logged in, TLS encrypted communication will be enabled automatically, and it can't be turned off until your subscription was not longer valid or logged out.

logged in with valid subscription

regenerate tls certificate

By clicking on TLS encryption,you can see the current tls certificate fingerprint. show tls fingerprint

By clicking the Regenerate button, your certificate will be regenerated, and connections with current connected devices will be reset.

AES audio encryption

AES audio encryption is not enabled by default after you logged in, since this will increase compute time and resources, you can turn in on by clicking the toggle.

audio enc turned on

By clicking on Audio encryption, you can see the audio encryption information audio enc info

By turning on/off AES audio encryption, connections with current connected devices will be reset, each time audio enc was turned on or application starts, the audio enc infomations will be regenerated.