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iOS version is available on App Sotre


Android version is available on Google Play

Before connecting

Before connecting to device, make sure the device sending audio and the device receiving audio are in the same local network(in the same wifi).

Receiving audio

Mobile app can only receives audio from pc, so you'll need a pc to send audio from.

After pc version is installed, you can start adding devices.

Add device

After tapping "+" icon button, you will see a popup like so:

You can add device with one of the method listed below:

type in ip address

You can find the ip address of desktop following this.

After you typed in the ip address, and connection between your device and desktop has been established, the pop up will dissapear, and you should see the newly-added device with correspond information, and audio should come in.

scan QRCode

You can click the QRCode icon to scan QRCode generated by noise route desktop, after QRCode was scanned and parsed correctly, you will be redirected to main screen, and see the newly-added device, and audio should be playing(if any).

Quitting on android

Swiping the app card away won't kill the background process on Android, so we need extra action to quit the app properly.
You can tap the gear icon on the top right cornor, and tap 'Quit'.

The reason why it's designed this way is that adding another layer can prevent user accidently tapping quit.

Premium feature

Noise Route is under refactoring, premium features are not available yet

Since mobile app does not require account, and mobile apps can only play audio, mobile apps don't have configurations for premium features. But if the pc that sending audio was logged in with an account that has active subscription, premium feature informations will show in device detail.

By tapping on TLS encryption or Audio ENC, correspond encryption informations will show up.